Maria Zakharova,the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry joked about the "participation" of "Russian hackers" in the US elections

After the completion of the vote counting procedure in the midterm elections in the United States, the topic of “Russian interference” in the electoral process may emerge again.

Maria Zakharova, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, on her social network page Facebook left a post where she assessed the situation in the United States. The Russian diplomat suggested that after the completion of the vote counting procedure, another international scandal could begin, in which the losing party would accuse Russia of its defeat. Maria suggested two possible scenarios:

1. “It’s Russian hackers, otherwise both chambers would be ours” (suitable for representatives of both parties).

2. “The elections were held without interference of “Russian hackers”” (the Republicans will explain “because we asked the Russians not to interfere”, and the Democrats will add “and this is because we put pressure on the Republicans”)”.

The diplomat noted with irony that this time the position of American politicians in relation to “Russian hackers” may slightly change. This time they did not “grossly interfere”, but they “finely played”.

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