Massive Acunetix Online Update Brings New Features & UI

So there’s been a massive Acunetix Online update that has pushed out a brand new UI plus a whole bunch of new features and capabilities, including really powerful stuff for security professionals and organisations who take their security seriously

The update has focused a lot on Usability of the UI and features for infosec pros with more powerful filtering, ability to mark things as resolved or as a false positive.

Plus some really powerful stuff like being able to assign targets scores based on their business criticality.


  • New web-based user interface
  • Targets and Vulnerabilities configured by business criticality
  • Integration with popular WAFs and Issue Tracking Systems
  • Mark Vulnerabilities as Fixed or False Positives
  • Custom Scan Types
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Network Security Scanning
  • Added functionality for Acunetix Integrators

The reporting function is also much more powerful now with reports available in PDF and HTML plus the functionality to run a comparison to highlight differences between 2 reports.

You can read the full details of the update here:

Major Update of Acunetix Online out now!

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