Microsoft Introduces ‘Background Blur’ for Video Calls

Attending video meetings from home turns up an embarrassing moment for some of us, but now there won’t be more such awkward situations. 
The tech giant Microsoft launched a new Artificial Intelligence powered feature called Background Blur for its video calls. The feature is AI driven and it will use facial recognition to detect your face. Once the face is detected successfully, it will automatically blur out your background. 
The feature has been made available in preview at the Ignite 2018 developer conference in Orlando. The Microsoft said that the feature will now be available to all Microsoft Office 365 commercial customers.
“With Teams, we’re using AI to help people before, during, and after a meeting,” Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, said Quartz. “Teams delivers a new, more inclusive way of working that keeps people engaged with their teams, whether they’re in the same building or in different cities.”
To blur your background while in a video meeting, just simply follow these steps:
1) Click on the menu at the bottom of the video meeting screen.
2) When the menu appears, click on “Blur my background”.
3) AI will then use facial recognition to blue out your background.

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