Ministry of External Affairs thanks hacker for Inputs on Vulnerabilities

Kapustkiy, the hacker who hacked into 7 Indian Embassies and also hacked into Indian embassy in New York wrote to E Hacking News. In exclusive email he says he was in for a surprise when a senior Indian government official sent him an email.

Kapustkiy claims “They have started to fix everything one by one, and thanks all media for the support”, he claims he had no malicious intent and only wanted to show that these vulnerabilities existed. He resorted to posting on pastebin only because the Embassy Officials did not respond to him.

Kapustkiy sent a screenshot of email(to E Hacking News), he received from the joint secretary in MEA. The Senior MEA officially has appreciated kapustkiy’s efforts to bring forth the vulnerabilities. He requested the hacker not to post further hacks into pastebin. 

Kapustkiy was pleasantly surprised by this email from Ministry of external affairs.

“Corporate India should learn from this incident, how Government of India has responded to such an incident where they appreciate the hacker and take steps to fix the vulnerabilities. Most Indian corporates cover up security breaches in India, maybe they should take a page from the Indian Government” says J Prasanna, Director, Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd.

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