MiSafe’s Child-Tracking Smart-Watches Are Not-So-Safe!

MiSafe’s Child-Tracking Smart-Watches Are Not-So-Safe!

Apparently MiSafe location tracking smart-watches that parents lean onto for their children’s safety are not so safe after all as they are fairly vulnerable to hacking.

Evidently, a security researcher stumbled upon the fact that neither the data stored in the smart-watches nor the child’s account was being encrypted by the device.

And what happened as a result was that the researcher could not only have a sneak peek into the activities of the particular child but could also make prank calls pretending to be the child’s parents.

The product was vehemently reprimanded by the researchers because of the problematic issues it entailed.

MiSafe’s Kid’s watcher Plus was repeatedly tried to contact by the researchers about the smart-watch crisis but in vain.

The smart-watch which was brought to public’s knowledge when it was released in 2015 uses the GPS sensor (Global Positioning System) and a mobile data connection of 2G speed to track down the child’s whereabouts that makes use of a smartphone application.

In fact, a digital safe-zone could be created, which if surpassed by the child, would initiate an alert signal for the parents.

Two-way calls could also be initiated and two people together can tap into their kid’s activities.

When the device’s security extent was evaluated it was discovered that the application’s communication could be easily forged via some computer software. ID numbers could be fairly altered to crawl into someone else’s account.

The process laid bare the personal information inside the device which encompassed the child’s photograph, their name, gender, height weight, age, parents’ phone numbers and the watch’s sim card number.

When some other units of the same product were tested it was found out that the past and present locations of the person with the watch on them could be easily tracked, also the safe-zoning could be modified to activation during the child’s advancing to the area rather than retreating. 

Initially the watch was designed to accept calls only from parties that were authorized but given the few glitches that security aspect could be dodged.

The above mentioned activity could be done via applications that fake the caller ID numbers. All the hacker need to have is the parents’ number.

According to researchers, this could turn out to be a destructive tactic as the child could be manipulated to leave the house for a certain desolate place.

Over 13,800 of these precarious devices are still being used out there.

Reportedly, several other cases with the same predicament have been highlighted before, but the MiSafe’s products are specifically hazardous.

 It’s being said that such a perilous product should never have gotten to the market and that eBay has already removed the product from its online store list. 

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