Mitigating Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

Our Corero Security Operations Center* team monitors various customer websites 24/7, 365 days per year. They regularly see DDoS attacks in real-time, many of which are so small that they would be unnoticed by the customer if not for the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS). However, they also see very large, multi-vector attacks in progress.

The charts below are examples of large, multi-vector attacks that occurred during the week of January 11-16 in a customer network. The screen shots below are of actual reports that were displayed in real time by the Corero SmartWall TDS. Red color indicates a DDoS attack that is detected and mitigated; green indicates normal, clean traffic.  Without the protection of the Corero SmartWall TDS, an attack of 68Gbps would cripple a network, and any of the websites associated with it would be crippled or impacted.

Customers are usually most concerned about the high volume attacks; however, the low-level, less obvious DDoS attacks are also damaging. At minimum, the smaller DDoS attacks compromise network speed, but they are increasingly launched as a smokescreen that distracts IT staff while the hackers stealthily breach other aspects of a company’s database to comb for sensitive data such as credit cards and email addresses.

*Corero’s SecureWatch® PLUS: Comprehensive DDoS Protection Service is a premium service option. With SecureWatch PLUS, customers receive expert DDoS services, starting with the organization-specific implementation, continuing with round-the-clock monitoring and immediate and effective response in the event of a cyber-attack.

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