Mobile Security and Centralized Management with Bitdefender 2018

With more than 5 billion phones in the world today, almost half of which are smartphones, cybercriminals have turned their attention towards developing and distributing malware specifically designed for them. Smartphones generate more than half of the world’s web traffic, with users also using them to store their personal data – from photos to files and documents. Since households now sport more than one smartphone or tablet per user, it stands to reason that cybercriminals would have shifted their attention from traditional PCs and laptops to handhelds.

A mobile security solution designed to protect not only the OS – usually Android or iOS — but also the data on the device is now mandatory, not optional. Recent data breaches and leaks make privacy a luxury that’s becoming difficult to afford. Leaks of billions of records, passwords and email account usernames have become commonplace and sometimes users are simply unaware that their accounts were exposed online, allowing hackers to seize them and invade their privacy.

Android Mobile Security

An estimated more than 16 million Android malware samples are out there, ranging from ransomware to banking malware and Remote Access Trojans, all potentially gunning for your smart device. On top of this, some apps abuse access to privacy-invading permissions and collect much more personal information about you and your devices. All that information is sometimes sold to third parties for user profiling so that you can be targeted with more accurate ads and marketing materials.

So, how can you navigate your way past all the malware and privacy-invading apps? The new Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android gives users an award-winning anti-malware security engine, guaranteed to prevent any malicious application from installing or grabbing any personal data or files.

On top of that, the new Account Privacy feature lets users find out if their email addresses have ever been part of a data leak, and encourages them to change authentication credentials and privacy settings. This is particularly useful as not everyone is always up to date with the latest data breaches and leaks, but they are still affected by the consequences.

The mobile security solution packs all that that and more – including the ability to steer you away from malicious or fraudulent websites  – with minimum impact on your battery’s performance. Whether you use an Android smartphone or tablet, ensuring the security and privacy of your device has never been easier.

Mobile Security For iOS

The myth that iOS-running smartphones are more secure than Android-running devices has been shattered by leaks from Wikileaks’s Vault 7 – in which several iOS vulnerabilities are estimated to have been used by government agencies to remotely control iPhones – and incidents such as the XcodeGhost malware. From the number of recently patched iOS vulnerabilities in the first quarter of 2017, it’s safe to estimate that cybercriminals have started to “tinker” with Apple’s mobile operating system.

Besides security recommendation that revolve around not side-loading applications and always installing the latest security updates, privacy also plays a strong role in the overall security of your device. The new Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS enhances that privacy by verifying whether your email accounts have been breached, by searching online for signs that your credentials have been exposed. This will prompt users to immediately take action and change their credentials to prevent cybercriminals from seizing their accounts.

Another way of protecting the data on your device is by ensuring the device isn’t stolen or misplaced. The Anti-Theft feature can remotely locate, lock and wipe your iPhone in such cases, so attackers can’t get your personal photos and files.

Centralized Security Management

In a world where smartphones, laptops and desktops outnumber people, it’s safe to assume that all these devices need a security solution designed to protect them against online threats. However, managing the security of all these devices has become a daunting task, resembling the job of a system administrator rather than that of an average user.

However, we’re introducing the Bitdefender Central app for both Android and iOS, that’s designed to streamline the entire security management process for all your devices. Simply log in to your Bitdefender central account, and you’ll be presented with a wide range of remote management options, allowing you to manage the security posture of all your devices protected by Bitdefender.

The Central app offers a security overview of all your protected devices, right from the main screen as soon as you open the app. From scanning, cleaning and optimizing any device remotely, you can also perform quick scans, check for vulnerabilities or even lock or locate your devices, all from the comfort of your mobile device. You’ll always know what threats have currently been blocked on all your devices, and the notification-based interaction means you won’t have to worry about the security status of any of your protected household devices.

The Central app is like your very own command center that lets you manage every security aspect of all your Bitdefender-protected devices. It’s like the bridge of a starship that you’re captaining, constantly giving you information about your security posture.

The New Bitdefender 2018

Besides protection for Android and iOS mobile devices, the New Bitdefender 2018 comes packing a wide range of features designed to protect Windows and OSX-based systems against ransomware, online threats, and even cybercriminals that want to remotely and covertly access your webcams.

For more information about our new cross-platform Ransomware Protection, Webcam Protection and Parental Advisor features, please check out our previous articles.

Stay safe and don’t forget to … Do Your Thing, Protected!

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