Mozilla Extirpates 23 Firefox Add-Ons

A bug report incorporates the rundown of each of the 23 add-ons by their IDs, and not by their names, in spite of this fact Bleeping Computer has successfully tracked down the names of some additional items.

Other than Web Security, other restricted add-ons incorporate Browser Security, Browser Privacy, and Browser Safety. These have been sending information to an indistinguishable server as Web Security, situated at

As indicated by a rundown gave to Bleeping Computer by Wu, other banned add-ons include:

YouTube Download & Adblocker Smarttube


Facebook Bookmark Manager

Facebook Video Downloader

YouTube MP3 Converter & Download

Simply Search

Smarttube – Extreme

Self-Destroying Cookies

Popup Blocker Pro

YouTube – Ad block

Auto Destroy Cookies

Amazon Quick Search

YouTube Adblocker

Video Downloader

Google No Track

Quick AMZ

More than 500,000 users had atleast one of these add-ons installed inside their Firefox browser.

In the warning message above, Mozilla diverts users to this page for clarifications,

Sending user data to remote servers unnecessarily, and potential for remote code execution. Suspicious account activity for multiple accounts on AMO.

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