Mozilla launched ‘Firefox Monitor’, will keep users alarmed of data breach

As an initiative to monitor breach, Mozilla, in a collaboration with Troy Hunt’s ‘Have I been Pwned’, unveiled ‘Firefox Monitor’; its free service that will assist users to identify if their accounts have been a part of a breach. Troy Hunt’s partnership is the supply source of data that powers the Firefox Monitor service.
Primarily, the service identifies whether the passwords and the emails of the users constituted to the data breach and can further be configured to send a notification to the users on the episodes of their information being detected. 
Nick Nguyen of Mozilla wrote, “It can be hard to keep track of when your information has been stolen, so we’re going to help by launching Firefox Monitor, a free service that notifies people when they’ve been part of a data breach,” He continued, “After testing this summer, the results and positive attention gave us the confidence we needed to know this was a feature we wanted to give to all of our users.”

Throwing a light on the functioning, Mozilla said that the service scans the database of ‘Have I Been Pwned’ and generates an alert on finding a match.    

In order to avail the service, one can visit the site “”.  Once the email address has been entered it gets checked and the user is informed whether that address constituted to any breaches and in case it did, the service lists them. To get notified on being a victim to future breaches, the users are provided with an option of signing up.

The Firefox Monitor page calls attention to certain privacy and security regulations specified in guidelines that the users are recommended to consider while browsing.

Email address pwned? Here’s what to do. 

The misfortune of being pwned if befall the users, they are advised to audit any account that succumbed to breach, enable two-factor authentication, change initially used passwords and create uncommon and unassailable passwords for all the sites they decide to create an account for.   

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