Mr.Chow’s Website Serves Ransomware To Customers

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Popular Chinese restaurant Mr.Chow is in news for serving ransomware to customers via its website. The restaurant, which has chains in London and US, had its site hacked by cybercriminals to infect customers with ransomware.

The hackers directly injected the restaurant’s website with the pseudo Darkleech script, which in turn triggered the Neutrino exploit kit, infecting vulnerable systems with ransomware.

“Ransomware authors have been adding new features to make it more robust or more ‘user-friendly’. Below, we see a CAPTCHA users must enter in order to access their account page with further instructions, and even a ‘Help Desk’ section where you can ask the criminals some questions (or get some feelings off your chest),” Malwarebytes researchers said.

Unsuspecting customers will be served a rude bill of US$695 (1.2 bitcoins) at the end of their restaurant experience making take-away the likely alternative.

In 2015, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s website had also become a ransomware target.

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