Nearly 100 Million Accounts Leaked in Breach

Information from 98.1 million accounts, including user names, emails, cleartext passwords and social account data, has been leaked online in what could be the largest breach to date, announced LeakedSource, the hacked data search engine., Russia’s version of Yahoo and one of the most popular websites, appears to have been hacked on February 17, 2012. Although the breach wasn’t immediately reported, the data has been shared with LeakedSource by the user who also reported the hack from that same year.

Launched in 1996, Rambler is one of the world’s leading news websites, email providers and search engines. Its attack is a significant addition to the series of hacks and data leaks of popular websites LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Myspace, whose user data was put on sale on the dark web.

The Rambler hack is not different from that of, the Russian social networking site, whose administrators also stored passwords in unencrypted, visible plaintext, leaking 171 million accounts. Rambler’s competitors Yandex and have also been hacked in the past.

Users can check on LeakedSource to see if their email or username are in the leaked database. They are advised to change passwords if reused for other websites.

An official statement hasn’t been yet released by representatives.

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