New iPhone Passcode Bypass Discovered Hours After Apple Releases iOS 12.1

Piling right over the lock screen bugs that Apple has grappled with over the years, Apple’s recent edition, iOS 12.1 joined the stack as it barely breathed into the existence and an iPhone enthusiast, Jose Rodriguez worked his way to finding a passcode bypass hack which can be exploited to enable anyone to see all contacts’ personal information on a locked iPhone.

After being diligently tested, it has been confirmed that the exploit works on iOS 12. The attack’s modus operandi is similar to the previous version’s (12.0.1) update which allowed criminals to steal pictures from a device as it also requires physical access to the iPhone.

Referenced from Josh’s conversation with The Hacker News,

“In a passcode-locked iPhone with latest iOS released today Tuesday, you receive a phone call, or you ask Siri make a phone call (can be digit by digit), and, by changing the call to Facetime you can access to the contact list while adding more people to the Group Facetime, and by doing 3D Touch on each contact you can see more contact information,”

In an attempt to dissect the functioning of the latest iPhone hack which seemingly ranks higher in the ease of execution than his previous findings, the Spanish security researcher shared a video demonstrating the bug with The Hacker News. Below is the link to the same.

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