New Malware Xavier Quietly Steals Your Data

(pc-Google Images)

More than 800 apps on Android’s app store contain a new trojan dubbed Xavier, that quietly steals your data.

According to TrendLabs Security Intelligence, the affected apps have been found to be utility apps such as photo manipulators, wallpaper, and ringtone changers.

Xavier downloads codes from a remote server, executes them, and uses a string encryption, Internet data encryption, emulator detection, and a self-protect mechanism to cover its tracks.

Once it loads a file and obtains an initial configuration from a remote server, it detects, encrypts, and transmits information about the victim’s device — including the manufacturer, language, country of origin, installed apps, email addresses, and more — to a remote server.

The highest number of reportedly infected users are from countries in South-east Asia such like Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia, with a smaller number of downloads from the US and Europe.

In May, researchers at Check Point identified Judy, an auto-clicking adware which could have infected as many as 36.5 million Android devices. In March, Palo Alto Networks uncovered malware designed for Windows PCs in 132 apps on Google’s Play Store.

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