New Pluralsight Course: Bug Bounties for Researchers

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Earlier this year, I spent some time in San Fran with friend and Bugcrowd founder Casey Ellis where we recorded a Pluralsight “Play by Play” titled Bug Bounties for Companies. I wrote about that in the aforementioned post which went out in May and I mentioned back then that we’d also created a second course targeted directly at researchers. We had to pull together some additional material on that one but I’m please to now share the finished product with you: Bug Bounties for Researchers

This course covers many of the issues folks considering getting involved in bug bounties often ask: How do they find bounties? How do they stay out of legal trouble? How successful can good researchers be? This is only a 36-minute course and it’s in the very casual Play by Play format (basically just Casey and I having a chat and sharing some screen content) so it’s easy watching.

We hope you enjoy this course, Bug Bounties for Researchers is now live!

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