New York Times office in Moscow allegedly hacked by Russian intelligence

Russian intelligence may have contracted hackers to target New York Times reporters and breach their Moscow office to steal confidential information, the newspaper announced.

CNN labeled the cyberattack as part of a more sophisticated series of attacks on news organizations, NGOs and think-tanks in Washington that could provide an entry into US politics. Private cybsersecurity investigators who claim they were hired to investigate the attack say it is strongly connected to the attack on the Democratic National Committee in July. The latter is believed to have been started by Russia to manipulate the political system. US intelligence officials say they have strong evidence supporting the claim that Russian intelligence is responsible for the hack on the Democrats.

The Times denies hiring security investigators and says there is no evidence the attack was successful. The FBI hasn’t made any public statement on the investigation.

“We are constantly monitoring our systems with the latest available intelligence and tools,” said Eileen Murphy, a spokeswoman for The Times. “We have seen no evidence that any of our internal systems, including our systems in the Moscow bureau, have been breached or compromised.”

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