Official forum of Unity Hacked by OurMine Hacking Group

Representatives of the company Unity Technologies released an official statement concerning the hacking of the Unity forum last weekend. Hackers from the notorious group OurMine took responsibility for the attack on the defacement page and told about the theft of data.

Through integrated system for mailing the hackers sent letters to all users of the forum with a message, in which they called themselves a “group of experts”. In e-mail attackers also reported on the hacking of the website Unity3D and recommended to change passwords. Hackers claimed that the database of resource was at their disposal. And they have information of more than two million users.

The staff of Unity Technologies confirmed the attack, however, the company denied that hackers got user-level passwords and other personal information. The company explained that the incident occurred as result of “using weak password,” but members of the OurMine and the attackers compromised “small number of data”. Separately, it emphasized that financial information of users were not affected, and the attack did not affect other services of Unity.

Developers warned that in this incident passwords were not “lost”, but they still recommend users to change passwords. Because it is possible that the group have e-mail addresses and passwords obtained from other sources.

Directly after the attack on April 30, 2017 the forum time were not available for some, but now it is operating normally. Representatives from Unity Technologies promise to work on their security, in particular, in the coming weeks two-factor authentication and a more serious password policy should appear on forum.

The group OurMine is known for regularly hacking accounts of different famous personalities. List of victims from hands of hackers include: Mark Zuckerberg (head of Facebook, hacked Pinterest and Twitter), Dick Costolo (ex-head of Twitter, hacked Pinterest and Twitter), Sundar Pichai (head of Google, hacked Quora and messages from the hackers were duplicated in Twitter), Ev Williams (co-founder of Twitter, Blogger and Medium, hacked Twitter), Daniel Ek (head of Spotify, hacked Twitter) and Brendan Iribe (head of Oculus Rift, hacked Twitter), and YouTube-user Pewdiepie, Hollywood actor Channing Tatum and many others.

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