Opera browser gets a free VPN – but you’ll need more than this to stay safe online

The desktop edition of the Opera web browser is getting a free, built-in VPN offering users a more secure and private browsing experience.The feature, announced on Opera’s blog, making it the first major browser to integrate a VPN service.Opera’s built-in VPN, which is currently incorporated into the Windows and Mac developer editions of the browser, is attractive for a number of reasons, including:The usual benefits of running a VPN – you can surf websites without having to worry that details of your private browsing are being shared with others over public Wi-Fi, you’re no longer revealing your IP address and internet service provider to the sites you’re visiting, you can circumvent regional restrictions to access, say, movie-streaming sites.You don’t have to set up an account or pay a subscription. You simply flick a switch inside Opera’s settingsUnlike many other free VPN services, there doesn’t appear to be a limit on how much data you can transmit and receive via your encrypted VPN connection.And these are the features which Opera understandably emphasises in its promotional video:

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