Paraguay Embassy website hacked in Taiwan

Paraguay embassy website has been hacked in Taiwan by unknown hackers, and the hacked database is published on by a user  KAPUSTKIY.

The leaked database is written in a chinese language which raises questions that there is the involvement of the Chinese hackers in this.

The targeted website is, they revealed the name of the current user:  [email protected], targeted the SQL version of  4.1.22, current DB, and the system user.

The leaked database has six tables such as  the name of the company, their contact details,  downloads, news, pages, and the product. The table contact has five columns with 1119  entries and company table has nine columns with 55 entries.

The company table includes the company name, email-id, password, and ename. While, the contact table has a name, mobile number, and email id.

It has been less than a week when websites of the Indian embassy in seven countries has been hacked and published in the same  manner on the website (Pastebin).

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