Phishing attack stealing login details, pictures of iPhone users

A Reddit user named /u/the101maham was the first one to highlight the iPhone scam. “I saw this email today, I thought the sender looked fishy, so I went in to see if I had bought a year of Spotify Premium.

“I was drinking last night so I had a slight panic and clicked the link.

“But when I saw the Apple page with a random address I immediately knew it was a scam.”

Tim Sadler, CEO at security firm Tessian, told The Sun: “This is an example of a classic phishing scam.

“Phishing emails, like spam, are bulk in nature but are often farming for a user’s credentials by mimicking the identity of a trusted website or service – in this case, Apple and Spotify.

“Like spam, phishing doesn’t discriminate. Anyone, individual or business, can be targeted and easily duped.”

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