Pixel face of Vladimir Putin will be on cover of the “Time”

A new, surprising cover of the magazine “Time” with the portrait of the President of Russia Vadimir Putin will be released on July 31. The face of the Russian is depicted through gray icons, symbolizing user accounts.

The title of the main article of the magazine is “The Secret Plan to stop Putin’s election plot.” In the article the Russian Federation again was blamed for intervention of Russian hackers in the American elections. The author notes that the administration of the US President prepared a Contingency Plan for a hacker attack on election day of the US President.

It should be noted that on the G20 Summit in Hamburg on 7 July the topic about the intervention of Russian hackers in the US elections was discussed by the leaders of Russian Federation and US for 40 minutes. So, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump agreed to establish a Joint Commission for cyber security.

Andrey Krutskikh, special representative of the Russian President on cyber security, said that a desire for cooperation with Russia represents the Russian Federation as a elephant, a cyber-elephant, as a great cyber Power, despite the many defects in this area.


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