Researcher Finds XSS Bug in Google By Accident

A security researcher recently discovered a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Google by accident.Patrik Fehrenbach explains in a blog post that he came across the flaw after deciding to take advantage of Google Cloud Console’s 60-day free trial and test for XSS bugs.XSS flaws come in two types. A bug is “reflected” if the payload executes immediately after a user accesses a link, and it is “stored” if the payload is stored in a database and executes once other users visit the page.Fehrenbach tested for both types, but he came up with nothing.After about two months, Google sent the researcher a notification that his free trial was about to expire. Rather than have to pay for Google Cloud Console, the researcher decided to delete his project that just happened to have a XSS payload in its title.To his surprise, his payload executed.“As it turned out, Google was not filtering the error message once a project which canceled. Astute readers may question why this was not classified as a low level self XSS. This issue was escalated because the Google Cloud Platform can be used by multiple users; if a user creates a project with a malicious XSS payload, that payload could be used against the project administrator to execute malicious javascript (if they delete the project, which seems likely).”

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