Responder – LLMNR, MDNS and NBT-NS Poisoner

./ [options]

version             show programs version number and exit

  h, help            show this help message and exit

  A, analyze         Analyze mode. This option allows you to see NBTNS,

                        BROWSER, LLMNR requests without responding.

  I eth0, interface=eth0

                        Network interface to use

  b, basic           Return a Basic HTTP authentication. Default: NTLM

  r, wredir          Enable answers for netbios wredir suffix queries.

                        Answering to wredir will likely break stuff on the

                        network. Default: False

  d, NBTNSdomain     Enable answers for netbios domain suffix queries.

                        Answering to domain suffixes will likely break stuff

                        on the network. Default: False

  f, fingerprint     This option allows you to fingerprint a host that

                        issued an NBTNS or LLMNR query.

  w, wpad            Start the WPAD rogue proxy server. Default value is



                        Upstream HTTP proxy used by the rogue WPAD Proxy for

                        outgoing requests (format: host:port)

  F, ForceWpadAuth   Force NTLM/Basic authentication on wpad.dat file

                        retrieval. This may cause a login prompt. Default:


  lm                  Force LM hashing downgrade for Windows XP/2003 and

                        earlier. Default: False

  v, verbose         Increase verbosity.

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