SAML Raider – SAML2 Security Testing Burp Extension

SAML Raider is a Burp Suite extension for SAML2 security testing, it contains two core functionalities – Manipulating SAML Messages and managing X.509 certificates.

The extension is divided into two parts, a SAML message editor and a certificate management tool.

Message Editor

Features of the SAML Raider message editor:

  • Sign SAML Messages
  • Sign SAML Assertions
  • Remove Signatures
  • Edit SAML Message (Supported Messages: SAMLRequest and SAMLResponse)
  • Preview eight common XSW Attacks
  • Execute eight common XSW Attacks
  • Send certificate to SAMl Raider Certificate Management
  • Undo all changes of a SAML Message
  • Supported Profiles: SAML Webbrowser Single Sign-on Profile, Web Services Security SAML Token Profile
  • Supported Bindings: POST Binding, Redirect Binding, SOAP Binding, URI Binding

Certificate Management

Features of the SAML Raider Certificate Management:

  • Import X.509 certificates (PEM and DER format)
  • Import X.509 certificate chains
  • Export X.509 certificates (PEM format)
  • Delete imported X.509 certificates
  • Display informations of X.509 certificates
  • Import private keys (PKCD#8 in DER format and traditional RSA in PEM Format)
  • Export private keys (traditional RSA Key PEM Format)
  • Cloning X.509 certificates
  • Cloning X.509 certificate chains
  • Create new X.509 certificates
  • Editing and self-sign existing X.509 certificates

You can download SAML Raider here:


Or read more here.

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