Sauna Camera Breached; Nude Video of Dutch Women Handball Team Players Leaked

The Dutch Women Handball Team 
It’s sort of odd that a camera system is being utilized as a part of a dressing room owner of the sauna; Erik van Ingen Schenau says that the company had endured a breach in 2015 when hackers had figured out how to penetrate the system and steal private footages.

As per local reports, hackers figured out how to breach the reconnaissance camera system in the dressing room of the sauna and afterwards posted the recordings on adult websites last December.

They admonished to post the stolen recordings on the web if the cameras weren’t taken down.

I received a mail containing a photo, a still from a video of one of the security cameras. With the warning that the images would go online in 14 days if I did not immediately remove the cameras,”Schenau said.

A total of seven women players are said to appear in the pictures that the hackers chose to publish in the recordings the previous December on adult websites, some of them even naked. What’s more, that everything occurred in spite of the camera being taken offline.

While the presence of a video camera in a dressing area and a hacker invading this system is stressing without a doubt, there are no specifics on how precisely the attackers figured out how to penetrate the system and steal the private footages. The local authorities are currently ensuring that no other breach would happen since all the cameras have been removed, as per the local law.

However it’s still not known whether there were any solicitations sent by local authorities to these sites to expel the content or not.

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