Service Providers Can Offer Per-Customer DDoS Attack Dashboards

Ask any network security professional about the challenge of “seeing” all the suspicious or malicious traffic in their network, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and they will likely tell you that it is difficult to do. Distinguishing between “good” traffic and “bad” network traffic has not always been easy, and it has been traditionally difficult to present in visual terms. But when IT security staff can see network intrusions in real-time, they can better defend against them. So it should come as some relief that recent technology developments have made it possible to see DDoS attacks as soon as they hit your network.

Visibility into sub-saturating, low-threshold DDoS traffic is especially useful for hosting providers and Internet service providers because 1) they are easy prey due to the fact that their networks have such large attack surfaces and 2) they are high-stakes targets that are frequently targeted by DDoS hackers.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for providers to have real-time insight into DDoS attacks; that’s where Corero’s Smartwall® Service Portal comes in. It’s a web application portal that enables service providers to onboard customers, assign DDoS protection service levels and view attack dashboards for each customer. Protected customers can login to their own view, to access traffic and DDoS attack reporting and analytics, and understand the value of the DDoS protection they are receiving. 

With the robust, real-time dashboard analytics provided by the portal, customers can clearly see suspicious or malicious traffic that is permeating their network. The dashboards are comprehensive and easy-to-read, with granular data, so that companies no longer need large teams of dedicated security analysts to sift through reams of log data that is difficult to interpret.  

The SmartWall Service portal is also a component of the Corero SmartProtect program, a new DDoS Protection as a Service (DDpaaS) program designed for a broad ecosystem of service providers – hosted, managed and ISP – that enables them to deliver advanced DDoS protection as a premium high-value managed service to their customers.

Of course, the challenge is two-fold: security staff must be able to not only see attacks in progress, but also block such attacks. Out of band DDoS mitigation solutions are not effective at 1) detecting small, sub-saturating attacks and 2) reacting immediately to block them.  Fortunately the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System is effective at both.

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