Sinitta’s twitter account hacked by ITV2 for a new prank show

One after another, many of us must have thought that hackers are now targeting celebs twitter account to post some nasty tweets after seeing Sinitta’s tweets on July 5.

Sinitta Renay Malone’s , a famous singer, twitter account was hacked. The hackers tweeted nothing but the information about Brad Pitt body part and Simon Cowell.
The famous TV Personality’s 158,000 followers did not have any idea what’s going on, unless it came into light that Sinitta’s account had been hacked as part of a new prank show for ITV2, reports Metro News.
It is said that Rick Edwards will host the prank filled programme later this year. Now, celebs have to be very careful as one of them will he his next victim..
Malone, who gave hit in the 1980s including “So Macho”, “Toy Boy”, “Cross My Broken Heart” and 
“Right Back Where We Started From”, tweets suggested that the former pop star and Loose Woman was about to release a juicy tell-all book and the messages went on to reveal alleged extracts from it.
Although, those tweets have been removed, here are some of them:
“Brad Pitt finally removed his towel. His manhood was smoother than a baby’s arm …”
“What really amazed me though were his balls … they didn’t have any wrinkles!’ # sorryangelina.”
“BTW @SimonCowell’s moobs are working breasts. During wife’s pregnancy he lactated. He only really took botox to dry up milk ducts #SimonCOWell.”
After removing the tweets, Sinitta took it in good fun, saying:
“If you have noticed strange activity today those messages were not from me I’ve been hacked by new @itv2safeword. Coming soon to ITV2!”

“Have now deleted the tweets made from my account by new ITV2 show Safe Word! #OMG”

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