Someone exploited vulnerability in Imgur to DDoS 4chan and 8chan

(PC- google images)

Imgur, a web portal well-known for its ironic cat GIFs and memes has been recently spotted with a vulnerability that has led to huge trafficking on the 4chan and 8chan imageboards, using a distributed denial of service(DDoS).

An Imgur employee first reported on reddit that whenever a user subreddit on an 4chan or 8chan image, the DDoS code got activated and loaded hundreds of new windows with several images on each, causing immense trafficking and destabilised the server.
Many reddit users initially have been reporting about these incidences and have been posting remarks about Imgur employees intentionally adding these malicious codes and ever since these rumours have not been proved to be true yet.
The website has now repaired the vulnerability and a statement was earlier launched by the company stating every error and infected code has been repaired and that the team is further attempting to check the secureity of 4chan and 8chan imageboards.
“Someone managed to upload an HTML file with malicious JavaScript inside of it that targeted 8chan,” the employee wrote. “We patched this bug and it’s no longer possible to upload those files. We’re also not [serving] those bad files anymore.”

It is still a matter of concern whether the 4chan and 8chan reddit are safe from malicious subreddits and destabilising traffic that follows.

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