Spammers flood Inboxes with creative Pokémon Go offers

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is taking advantage of the Pokémon Go frenzy to lure people in their shops, on their websites and even at shady physical locations to mug unsuspecting players. And spammers make no exception as they bombard Inboxes with commercial messages that advertise all sorts of products and services, from in-game PokéCoins to battery chargers, company shares, and new mobile games.

Here’s a collection of the most interesting Pokémon-related spam Bitdefender has witnessed and blocked in the past weeks.

Spam offering Pokémon merchadise

pokemongospam4Spam cleverly suggesting you should buy another battery pack 


Messages promising PokéCoins, currency to buy in-app Pokemon items


Spam promises shares from an upcoming successful game


New games, “better” than Pokémon Go

We advise users to take caution when opening unsolicited email messages, as tempting as they may be. They may install spyware or other dangerous malware or ask for unnecessary personal data. Stay skeptical, everyone!

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