SubBrute – Subdomain Brute-forcing Tool

Usage: subbrute.exe [options] target


  h, help            show this help message and exit

  s SUBS, subs=SUBS  (optional) list of subdomains,  default = ‘names.txt’


                        (optional) A list of DNS resolvers, if this list is

                        empty it will OS‘s internal resolver default =


  f FILTER, filter_subs=FILTER

                        (optional) A file containing unorganized domain names

                        which will be filtered into a list of subdomains

                        sorted by frequency.  This was used to build


  t TARGETS, targets_file=TARGETS

                        (optional) A file containing a newline delimited list

                        of domains to brute force.

  o OUTPUT, output=OUTPUT

                        (optional) Output to file

  a, A                (optional) Print all IPv4 addresses for sub domains

                        (default = off).

  type=TYPE           (optional) Print all reponses for an arbitrary DNS

                        record type (CNAME, AAAA, TXT, SOA, MX...)


                        (optional) Number of lookup theads to run. default =


  v, verbose         (optional) Print debug information.

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