Survey Says Businesses Want DDoS Protection from ISPs

At last month’s annual RSA conference, Corero conducted a survey among top technology decision makers and security experts, to take a pulse on industry concerns about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The survey asked nearly 100 IT security professionals a variety of questions, such as how many DDoS attacks they typically experience, and whether the number of attacks has increased in the past year.

Among the highlights of the survey results:

  • 56% of those surveyed said that DDoS attacks are a greater concern in 2017 than in the past
  • 40% experience attacks on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.
  • 85% want their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to take greater responsibility and provide greater DDoS security services.

Given that DDoS attacks are difficult to prevent and growing in frequency and sophistication, it’s not at all surprising that so many businesses want their ISP to help with DDoS protection. It’s much more cost effective—and less complicated—for a business to pay someone else to provide DDoS protection than do it themselves.

Nearly half (46%) of the business professionals surveyed said that they would be willing to pay their ISPs for DDoS protection. Thus, many businesses are practically begging ISPs to make the DDoS problem go away. Where there is a problem, there is opportunity. ISPs should capitalize on this opportunity by offering DDoS Protection as a Service. When applied in the real world, it is a win-win for ISPs and their customers.

And, it makes good sense for ISPs to step up to the plate to provide it. After all, the ISPs sit at the top of the Internet funnel; they are the gatekeepers for Web traffic, and they have a vested interest in keeping DDoS traffic out of their networks. Much like water utilities are obligated to provide clean water to the public, soon enough the government may create regulations that will force ISPs to deliver “clean pipe” (Internet traffic). Rather than being coerced into delivering DDoS protection, ISPs would be wise to offer it as a service to their customers.

For a summary of the survey results, view the infographic.

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