Tech-giant Microsoft steps in to combat terrorism

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Tech-giant Microsoft has now braced
itself to tackle the never-ending global issue of terrorism. With the internet
proving to be a major conduit for terrorist groups to spread violence,
Microsoft has reacted to this matter of concern.
a blog post, Microsoft explained that its services are meant to empower people
and not contribute to terrible acts. The company stressed on promoting values
such as privacy, freedom of expression and the right to access information.

“Terrorism is one of the truly urgent issues of our time,” said
Microsoft. “We are committed to doing our part to help address the use of
technology to promote it or to recruit to its causes.”

“We are amending our terms of use –
which already prohibit hate speech and advocacy of violence against others – to
specifically prohibit the posting of terrorist content on our hosted consumer
services,” the company said.
“There is no silver bullet that will
stop terrorist use of the Internet,” Microsoft’s vice president Steven Crown
told a special Security Council debate on counter-terrorism.

Microsoft will continue using its notice and takedown process for removing
prohibited content. Microsoft said it would remove links to terrorist-related
content from Bing search results when the takedown would be required of search
providers under local law.

“We will remove links to terrorist-related content from Bing only when
that takedown is required of search providers under local law,” said

The company also has plans to work with non-governmental organisations to
offer alternative narratives in its search results.

Microsoft is one of the last major tech companies to issue anti terrorism policies
.Twitter, Facebook and others in recent months have taken steps to crack down
on the use of their sites for terrorist activity, hateful speech or content
promoting violence.

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