The Much Awaited MacOS’ Adroid File Transfer’s Bug Will Be Fixed At Last

The error in the MacOs’ Android file transfer that somehow led to the vanishing of creation dates is finally to be done away with. The bug is reportedly being worked on and soon will be fixed.

The Android File Transfer is a sophisticated way to shift files from android to macOS. There was a lot of whining and complaining about a major failure of this application.

The most recent bug in the said tool was reported to make the files lose the dates they were created on. The problem was imparted to Google issue tracker and now it is being affirmed that it will be fixed shortly.

The programme is technically pretty easy to go through. After the application is downloaded and opened the required files could simply be taken to the macOS applications feature, and the file transfer could then take place through a USB cable.

Quite a good number of bugs have already been fixed. The most recent version of Android File Transfer is created of the macOS version 10.7 and above. The most trouble was caused to the videographers and photographers because it led to their files getting haphazard. The Google Issue Tracker was quick about the bug report and responded promptly asking for a meticulous report.

Detailed information was forwarded to the development team to be further worked upon. Supposedly the bug has already been fixed and momentarily will be available for people in future buildups of the aforementioned application.

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