The Prosecutor General of Russia demands to stop the criminal case of a schoolboy who changed the Grade

All started because a graduate of the Novosibirsk Gymnasium, Vladimir Zhoglik, corrected bad school grades for good for himself and his classmates in an electronic diary during the month of Spring 2016. Then, the teachers noticed the change of grades in the electronic diary and appealed to the police. Since then, he is suspected of cybercrime and remains under summons. The maximum penalty under the article on which Zhoglik can be charged is two years in prison.

The hacker’s mother asked the Prosecutor General’s Office for help. She and the son’s lawyer met with Yuri Ponomarev, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. After studying the complaint and all the materials he said that he did not see any evidence of a crime.

The lawyer said that other employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office had the same opinion. As a result, the Law Enforcement Authorities agreed that the case should be closed.

According to the lawyer hacker, the investigation was committed a lot of gross procedural violations. In addition, there is no information in the case about how the student was directly involved in the correction of the grades. It’s mean that there is no accusation in the formulation of the case.

The young hacker’s mom believes in justice and hopes that their suffering will end soon.

“I first heard from the prosecutors the words that we speak from the beginning of the case: there is no crime. I have a hope that my son will be able to safely build his future.” she said.

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