TheDarkOverlord published 180,000 medical records

TheDarkOverlord, known in the media as the Netflix hacker, has leaked 180,000 patient records from the healthcare sector, after the entities didn’t pay extortion fees.

Because the companies refused, the hacker published 3,400 patient records from Aesthetic Dentistry, 34,100 from OC Gastrocare and 142,000 from Tampa Bay Surgery Center. The leaked data includes medical conditions, insurance and Social Security numbers, dates of birth and payment information.

In 2016 the hacker threatened Aesthetic Dentistry, Tampa Bay Surgery Center and OC Gastrocare that their patient data would be published online unless extortion demands were met.

“We’ve recently had the pleasure of entertaining the company of an up-scale dentistry in the Manhattan area of New York City [Aesthetic Dentistry], after pillaging them and acquiring 3.5k patient records that contain both PII and PHI – unlike previous copycats,” the group wrote on Pastebin in 2016. “Yes, we know that 3.5k isn’t a lot compared to our previous feats but we’ve decided to bring this breach to light due to the way we were treated by our target.”

Other companies that were hacked by TheDarkOverlord in 2016 are Athens Orthopedic Clinic, Peachtree Orthopedics, Prosthetic & Orthotic Care, Midwest Orthopedic Pain & Spine, Little Red Door Cancer Services of East Indiana, software vendors and a health insurer. The latter involved the leak and online sale of 9.3 million records.

The criminal is part of a larger group responsible for the Netflix hack that leaked the first ten episodes in the new season of TV-series Orange is the New Black which was supposed to be released this summer.

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