Typewriters emerge as the ultimate saviours, as computers get hacked in Alaska.

The severe attack incapacitates computers in the state. Not leaving behind emails, telephones and servers either.

Trojan Horse (Emotet), Dead Man’s Switch, Time Bomb, Worm, Crypto Locker (Ransomware {BitPaymer}) and External Hacker are some of the tools of the multidimensional attack that had enfeebled the equipment of the aforementioned organization. The malicious programs mentioned before are the ‘worst of their types’, quoted the experienced international cyber specialists. The virus that infected the borough, already, has 209 preys to its name.

The attack was the ‘Zero-day’ type, in which the anti-virus software couldn’t detect or eliminate the hazard. The Tojan Horse had gotten into the system via emails.

Once inside the network, after acquiring access to the directory of the administrator, the domain controller shuts all the security, furthermore, cracking all the passwords and ultimately aiding the virus to find its way into other workstations and servers.

The attack had had a massive toll on the e-commerce.

According to sources, the group that inflicted this attack is a pretty structured one and is using quite a complex set of tools to create chaos within the country. The encrypted data was handed over to the FBI for the agents to decrypt it for the further retrieval of the data. 

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