Uber Now Collects Your Location Data After You Are Dropped Off

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Uber can now even track your location after you have been dropped. The latest update on the app will track the location of their users after they have left the car.

The latest app update, which introduces the redesign and new features also changes the way how its service collects location data for commuters.

Uber is now looking to gather location data even when you’ve exited the app — you’ll be prompted to share your current location. Uber just needs your location data from the start of your ride up until five minutes after the driver drops you off.

Uber claims they are aiming to “enhance safety” by collecting more rider data as opposed to just gathering information about the driver and the trip.

Uber also wants to track how often riders cross the street directly after a drop-off, which the company believes could indicate a safety hazard.

“We’re always thinking about ways we can improve the rider experience from sharpening our ETA estimates to identifying the best pick up location on any given street. Location is at the heart of the Uber experience, and we’re asking riders to provide us with more information to achieve these goals,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement.

The company updated its privacy policy last summer to allow for background location data collection, which prompted backlash from privacy groups and a Federal Trade Commission complaint.

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