US could extend laptop ban to flights from Europe

The scare that laptops or other large electronic devices could hide undetectable explosives is now in the attention of the US Department of Homeland Security, with a clear focus on passengers arriving from the Middle East and Africa.

Following announcements about laptop restrictions on flights coming from 10 airports, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, laptops might be banned from cabins on commercial flights coming from a number of European connections to the US, announced the US Department of Homeland Security.

Although Britain may take similar actions and follow the US initiative in March, the new ban extension may also target passengers traveling to the US from Britain.

Whether flights from Britain will be affected or not, DHS spokesman Dave Lapan said Kelly “hasn’t made a decision but we continue to evaluate the threat environment and have engaged in discussions with airline representatives and other stakeholders about the threat.”

If enforced, the ban will affect United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines Group, and has already affected Royal Jordanian Airlines RJAL.AM, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways, Reuters writes.

To avoid massive queues at airports and unpleasant events, airlines should promptly inform all passengers travelling to the US from the targeted countries, while some operational measures could involve suspending online check-in.

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