Weekly Update 103

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It’s been a week of travel for me with API Days in Melbourne on Tuesday, Fortinet Fast & Secure in Sydney on Wednesday then the Varonis webinar yesterday (recorded, I’ll share once it’s online). Be that as it may, I did manage to pump out a long-awaited blog post on the total cost of running Pwned Passwords in HIBP and its… 2.6c per day 😎

This week there’s also a few random things ranging from online authenticity (the human kind), changes in Chrome 69 (there’s some major visual security indicators gone), yet another spyware breach (just don’t…), British Airways being hacked (still light on detail only half a day later) and my ongoing struggles with breach disclosure in a responsible and rapid way (and please, do share your thoughts with me on this). All that and more in this week’s update, enjoy!

Weekly Update 103
Weekly Update 103
Weekly Update 103


  1. If you’re not authentic online, it can blow up big time (I’m sympathetic towards her in terms of how nasty the abuse has been, but it’s also a reminder to remain genuine)
  2. Chrome 69 is… different (that’s a link through to some of the other changes in latest version beyond the security ones)
  3. mSpy got breached – again (seriously folks, never ever install spyware on anyone’s device!)
  4. Serverless to the max! (I’m really happy with what Pwned Passwords is costing me to run 😎)
  5. I’ll be speaking at .NET Conf next week (it’s online and it’s free – do it!)
  6. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog this week (a big thanks to those guys for their ongoing support!)

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