Weekly Update 108

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I’m in Texas! And I’ve had enough BBQ to last me a very long time. I’m here doing a couple of speaking events and other related things as well as taking some time out with my wife to see the sites. As such, it’s a bit quieter this week but there’s still a couple of things I reckon are worthy of discussion.

Just before jumping on the plane over here I pushed out a blog post on how my approach to callbacks in HIBP broke Mozilla’s service which in turn broke my Azure Function. This was one of those cases where sure, I didn’t want anything to break, but it was a good learning experience that helped me make a bunch of very positive changes.

That’s it for this week and yes, I know it’s late, but travel makes this really hard on this front. I’ll try and get ahead of things for the coming week and push it out a little earlier.

Weekly Update 108
Weekly Update 108
Weekly Update 108


  1. Watch Kanye West authenticate with a PIN of 000000 (there were some really unexpected comments from the infosec community on this)
  2. I wrote about Face ID back in September last year (there’s a serious lack of pragmatism amongst those decrying biometric auth)
  3. I broke Mozilla’s endpoint for HIBP callbacks (but learned some other valuable lessons in the process)
  4. Gold Security is sponsoring my blog again this week (big thanks to those guys for their ongoing support!)

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