Weekly Update 111

Presently sponsored by: DigiCert — RSA and ECC won’t last forever. We’re getting a head start on quantum-proof security now. See how.

On my first attempt at recording this, I decided the framing was crooked after a couple of minutes so I started again. On my second attempt, the PC BSOD’d after 42 mins and I thought I’d lost all the audio. I hadn’t, so on the third attempt I completed the last of it. Then I waited nearly an hour for it to render before realising there was unedited material at the beginning so I had to re-render the whole thing again. This is on top of one of my screens refusing to go beyond 480p today and a week filled with various other frustrating tech support issues.

But despite that, I persevered and got through much more content than I had originally planned. New data breaches, dramas with account recovery, some great ICO password guidance, reflections on conferences past and the latest updates to Scott Helme’s and my “Why No HTTPS?” project. Beyond that, as I say at the start, I’m genuinely trying to have a bit more family time and less non-stop cybering this month which is why you might see a little less on the blogging front. Then again, it’s hard not to when I get the itch…

Weekly Update 111
Weekly Update 111
Weekly Update 111


  1. Mac Forums hasn’t been real keen on owning their data breach (this isn’t hard – you own the problem and let people know they’ve been pwned)
  2. I mentioned how managed platforms are really valuable (seriously folks, don’t manage stuff like vBulletin yourself, use a managed service and make it someone else’s problem)
  3. The ICO in the UK has released some excellent password guidance (between them and the NCSC, the UK gov has been doing some excellent work lately!)
  4. It’s been a busy few years of conferences (that’s a collection of badges which I tend to keep and have previously just chucked in a pile, but finally got around to hanging up)
  5. “Why No HTTPS?” has had a complete data refresh (despite my confusion during recording, 4Chan is still on there although on the whole, there’s been very positive movement)
  6. DigiCert is sponsoring my blog again this week (they’re talking about the impact of quantum computing on RSA and ECC crypto in their piece this week)

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