Weekly update 13

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This week begins with the biggest of big breaches – the one that finally broke the big “B” – Yahoo (version 2). It’s a massive story and I spent a lot of time yesterday answering media queries about hacker things related to data breaches. I talk about that at the start of this weekly update as well pursuing a career in security, providing an internet basics course for free via Varonis and how my blog on Ubiquiti network bits is still getting massive traction.

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  1. The crazy, massive, huge Yahoo breach (there’s a heap of angles to this, short interview with me there, longer set of thoughts in the weekly update video)
  2. Here’s my take on where to get started with a career in security (there are many, many, many different paths you can take, this is the one I reckon is a great first step)
  3. Free course! Varonis and I teamed up to educate the masses (it’s probably not for you, it’s for you to get other people to watch)
  4. My Ubiquiti post hit number 1 on Hacker News! (yes, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this gear still rocks and heaps of people are jumping on it)

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