Weekly update 14

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Almost done for the year and I’ve gone beach-style, if not in location then at least in attire. Xmas in Australia is all about the outdoors, the water and usually generous helpings of cold prawns so a little bit different to many places. But like everywhere else, the cyber things keep happening and there were a bunch of things on the agenda this week ranging from EV certs (largely a physiological discussion IMHO), to the Ethereum forum hack (or more specifically, how well they handled it) to how websites – any website – has something really valuable to attackers: reputation.

Thanks for the continued viewership and listenership folks, I hope everyone is getting some good Xmas downtime.

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  1. Extended validation certs – good, bad or otherwise? (I reckon it’s extremely hard to measure but does “some” good)
  2. There’s a lot we didn’t know this year (the takeaway from 2016 was we learned how many breaches there’d been we never even knew about)
  3. The Ethereum forum got hacked (but they did a really, really good job of communicating it then donated the data to HIBP)
  4. Every website out there offers something of value to attackers – reputation (this is the rebuttal for every time someone says “but we don’t have anything of interest to attackers on our website”)

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