Weekly update 15 (the poolside edition)

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Last one of the year! And yes, it’s summer, it’s hot and I’m doing it by the pool. However, as I say in the intro, it’s only a fortnight until I’ll be back in London which is about as far away as you get in every sense. On a more serious note and harking back to my post on how much effort goes into an international speaking trip, this is well and truly the calm before the storm and things are about to get very, very hard for the better part of a month. But for now, I’m doing my best to enjoy time with family as I hope most of you are at this time of year. Here’s the last weekly update for 2016:

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  1. Lot of data going into HIBP (it takes a long time when you try to handle this ethically…)
  2. There’s a bunch of ways that conferences can upset speakers (some of these in particular genuinely make it hard to justify doing certain events)
  3. Raygun is sponsoring my blog this week – and they rock (no, this is not “say nice things about the sponsor because they’re giving me money”, I written about them many times before because it’s just a good service)
  4. I’m off to Europe again! (there’s a list of everything I have coming up in 2017 that’s already confirmed)

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