Weekly update 19 (brewery edition)

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Supercar factory last week. Brewery this week. This is how it’s done!

As I’ve written before, despite the many awesome moments these trips have, they’re enormously busy with a huge amount jammed into them. This week I talk about travels in Belgium, how they crashed HIBP with a massive surge of traffic after some good press, my upcoming Copenhagen workshop and the inevitable demise of LeakedSource which finally happened yesterday. Next week… somewhere on a plane… on the way to somewhere warm 🙂

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  1. I’m on Belgian TV! (this is the news story that crashed HIBP as tens of thousands of Belgians suddenly descended on the site)
  2. My Copenhagen workshop next week is almost sold out (just a few seats left, get along if you’re local!)
  3. LeakedSource got taken down (it was always just a matter of time and it needed to happen)
  4. Netsparker is sponsoring my blog this week (I’ve written about these guys in the past and genuinely love their dynamic analysis tool)

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