Weekly update 2

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So much to my surprise (honestly, I really didn’t expect it), the weekly update I did last week was actually quite popular. People seem to like the short, casual form and it sounds like they’re happy either sitting down and watching it or just listening to it in the background. Actually, the most common piece of feedback I received was that they wanted it in podcast form as well so I’m working on getting that out too.

I’ll be travelling in Europe for the next 3 weeks but I’m going to keep this weekly update happening, maybe I’ll even find some cool locations to do it from. Thanks for the support folks, please keep suggestions and comments coming!


  1. 7 years of blogging and a lifetime later… (best professional move I ever made, without a doubt)
  2. New Pluralsight Course: Deconstructing the Hack (my 24th Pluralsight course and it’s a very easy-watching play by play)
  3. iPadpalooza conference (talking to teachers about security is a great way of influencing an all new audience)
  4. i-Dressup leaking millions of plain text passwords (and nobody seems to want to know about it…)
  5. InfoArmor report on data breach trading and Yahoo (very interesting reading, plus they call “bullshit” on Yahoo’s state-sponsored claims)
  6. Help me spec out a replacement home network using Ubiquiti bits (this gist has got everything I’m planning, input welcome!)
  7. Workshop: Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offence: 13-14 Oct, London (United Kingdom) (only a couple of weeks away and still tickets available)

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