Weekly update 20 (Dubai airport edition)

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It’s the end of another big trip and time to take the long journey home. This time it’s Copenhagen to London, then Dubai, then finally Brisbane and a ride home to the Gold Coast. It’s been a busy week in the lead up to the travel too with lots of talks and writing. But the big pone I’m most proud of this week is this:

I’ll write more next week about the state of HIBP, where it’s come from and where I see it going. Until then, here’s this week’s update and I look forward to next week’s being done from home!

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  1. HTTPS has passed the tipping point! (good news on many fronts and a reminder that now is the time to secure all your things)
  2. Educating those building systems is the best security ROI ever! (yes, I have an obvious bias, but it just makes good sense)
  3. Kid teaching SQL injection on YouTube (wait – did he just call it “squirrel injection”?!)
  4. How online tutorials can teach insecure practices (make sure you read the comments!)
  5. Netsparker are sponsoring me again this week (still my favourite tool for dynamic analysis that makes sense to developers)

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