Weekly update 22 (Golden Gate Bridge edition)

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What an awesome spot for a weekly update! Just one of the sensational views I saw today, the first day I’ve completed a full marathon:

Weekly update 22 (Golden Gate Bridge edition)

Ok, bit more than a marathon, 51.19km in total according to Runkeeper. Now frankly, I’m not overly keen on running (I just get bored), so I walked all over San Francisco, looked at interesting things, took plenty of photos and had some nice breaks instead. I took my Lenovo Yoga 900 in the backpack (I’ll write about that separately later), and broke the day into 4 parts, taking some time out in between to sit down, have a break and get a bit of work done. That’s a balanced day out I reckon 🙂

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  1. Best blog post of the year! (nice award from RSA for a post that seems to have resonated)
  2. Qantas still needs to fix their HTTPS things (they’re working on it now… I hope)
  3. Australia’s mandatory data breach disclosure laws are protecting the guilty (there’s so much wrong with this, it’s very disappointing to see)
  4. Netsparker was back in the sponsor banner (fifth week in a row for these guys, still my go-to dynamic analysis tool)

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