Weekly update 24

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Crikey, what a week! Between the two Cloud[thing] stories, most of the last 7 days has disappeared with research, writing, media and seeing the first Cloud[thing] turn into a bit of a non-event whilst recoiling in abject horror as the second Cloud[thing] continued to unfold. This ended up being a 35 minute “update” which is way longer than I’d normally do, but I really wanted to drill into those two stories in particular and try to express some views in a way that doesn’t always come across in writing. I hope you find it a useful companion to the written pieces and I also hope that next week is a bit calmer!

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  1. People kinda lost their minds over #CloudBleed (a week later, it’s all died down very quickly)
  2. CloudPets, well, just read the post and weep… (in all honesty, I can’t think of a data breach that was handled worse)
  3. I did a marathon (and then some) in San Fran with my laptop (big walk, little laptop, lots of photos)
  4. Checkmarx is still up in the sponsor bar (and they still make a very fine static analysis tool)

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