Weekly update 25

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This isn’t intentional, but I know these updates are starting to get a bit longer. Ok, last week was a bit mega with Cloudbleed and Cloupets, but this week, well, I just talked until I felt I was done. Let me know if you think this is too long, not long enough, not working well etc, I’m still playing with the formula and learning as I go here.

Anyway, this week I talk about the wifi bits Ubiquiti kindly sent me and how I (totally unnecessarily) used them to increase the coverage I get on my jet ski (and the coverage a large chunk of my neighbourhood gets). There’s a heap of angles on the CIA toys WikiLeaks has covered plus I talk a bunch about loading in that massive trove of 1.4 billion spam records (which ultimately distilled down to somewhat less than that).

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  1. Nobody wants poor wifi on their jet ski (ok, but seriously, the Ubiquiti mesh stuff is pretty cool…)
  2. The CIA is listening to you via your TV (link to an interview I did with Sputnik News on this, it’s… complex)
  3. River City Media lost 1.4 billion records! (yeah, with a “b”, but it distilled down to “only” 393 million unique email addresses)
  4. Checkmarx is still up in the sponsor bar

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