Weekly update 29

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Wow, what a crazy week! Three pretty serious blog posts, my Security Sense column plus a bunch of stuff I’ve been doing in the background around arranging travel for the European summer. I didn’t mention it in my weekly update, but unfortunately I had a workshop in Dublin cancel due to an unexpected change on their end so I had to fill that gap. The good news is that it took all of 24 hours and I lined up another one in Amsterdam which actually works out better due to me doing a subsequent one after than in Utrecht so looks like more time eating fries with mayonnaise (yes, the opening scene of Pulp Fiction is true).

There’s a lot more in the pipeline for the next week too: I’m going to post about my brand new Pluralsight course on personal branding later today and there’s another one on Azure that may land next week. Those are both Play by Play courses so myself and another author having a discussion, but next week we should also see a brand new big one titled “What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS” and there’s never been a better time for that one to land. Every week I seem to be talking about something related so I’ve got big expectations of that course and hopefully I’ll be talking about in next week’s update. For now though, enjoy this one!

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  1. Stop losing your minds over password managers! (no seriously, bugs don’t mean you chuck ’em out and go back to trying to use your feeble brain to remember them)
  2. If you look at weird stuff over HTTPS, your ISP (probably) still knows (there are bits of the HTTPS comms that leak info about the sites you’re visiting)
  3. MySafeVPN is not safe, it’s stupid! (the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced it’s an outright scam rather than incompetence)
  4. I tracked down where the “Apple accounts” The Turkish Crime Family is threatening to wipe came from (they’re almost certainly pretty disorganised kids and oh yeah – one of them has been arrested already)
  5. Titania is sponsoring my blog this week (big thanks to those guys, check them out, they help me keep those nasty traditional ads off the blog)

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